drug discovery engine

Santaris Pharma A/S® powerful Drug Discovery Engine

The drug discovery and development expertise and multidisciplinary approach of the Santaris Pharma A/S research and development teams combines the talents of molecular biologists, geneticists, bioinformaticists and computer programmers.

The Santaris Drug Discovery Engine combines the Company's knowledge and expertise in the field of RNA-targeted therapies with its unique capabilities and extensive experience in developing LNA-based drugs to identify, design and develop drug candidates quickly and efficiently. With years of drug discovery, development expertise and proprietary bioinformatics capabilities to aid in the design and optimization of LNA-based drugs, Santaris is uniquely positioned to rapidly generate optimally designed drugs for a range of diseases.

Leveraging its Drug Discovery Engine, Santaris has been able to create an attractive in-house pipeline of innovative LNA-based drugs in the field of oncology, metabolic diseases and infectious diseases, typically moving from target selection to clinical trials in less than 18 months. Included in this pipeline are drugs that target both protein-encoding mRNAs as well as microRNAs, a class of non-coding, regulatory RNAs that are increasingly considered attractive therapeutic targets. Santaris made medical history when it advanced the world's first microRNA drug into clinical trials and later demonstrated clinical proof of concept in patients with chronic HCV. Seminal publications in Science, Nature and NEJM describe this journey from lead identification through to clinical trials.

Parallel to its in-house activities, Santaris Pharma A/S has applied its Drug Discovery Engine through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to design and identify potent lead candidates against a collection of partner-selected targets in a multitude of disease areas, ranging from cancer and inflammatory diseases to rare genetic disorders.